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For the life of the Project, the Applicant shall implement the following with respect to the Project’s transportation demand:

  1. The Applicant shall identify a “TDM Leader” (for planning, construction, and operations), who shall distribute and market to the residents and tenants of the building various transportation alternatives and options in existence from time to time, which materials shall include TDM materials to new residents and tenants in a welcome package;
  2. The Applicant shall provide the TDM Leader’s contact information to DDOT and report TDM efforts and amenities to goDCgo staff once per year;
  3. The TDM Leader shall receive TDM training from goDCgo to learn about the TDM conditions for this Project and nearby available options;
  4. The Applicant shall post all TDM commitments online, publicize the availability of the same, and allow the public to see what commitments have been promised;
  5. The Applicant shall provide website links to and on Project-related websites;
  6. The Applicant shall unbundle the fee it charges for parking from the base rent under a lease or the purchase price of a residential unit and shall set the minimum parking fee at the average market rate, where the market rate is determined by the average price in garages within 0.25 miles of the Project;
  7. The Applicant shall install a “Transportation Information Center Display” on an electronic screen within the residential lobby, which Display shall contain information related to local transportation alternatives;
  8. The Applicant shall meet or exceed the Zoning Regulations’ requirements for bicycle parking, including the requirement to provide secure interior bicycle parking and short-term exterior bicycle parking around the perimeter of the Property, and long-term bicycle storage rooms will accommodate non-traditional sized bikes including cargo, tandem, and kids’ bikes;
  9. The Applicant shall install a bicycle repair station within each of the long­term bicycle storage rooms;
  10. The Applicant shall install a minimum of two showers and six lockers, which shall be available for use by employees of the Project’s ground floor uses;
  11. The Applicant shall provide 10 shopping carts for resident use to run errands and for grocery shopping;
  12. For the residential use, the Applicant shall distribute welcome packets to all new residents that should, at a minimum, include the Metrorail pocket guide, Capital Bikeshare coupon or rack brochure, Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH), and the most recent DC Bike Map;
  13. For the theater/cultural use, the Applicant shall coordinate with the theater/cultural tenant to post “getting here” information on the tenant website for attendees/visitors that includes information about how to travel to the site via Metro, biking, and walking. A printable map should also be available and goDCgo can assist with this effort.